Romper Runway is serious about only selling the best of the best.  We are not a mega consignment sale and will only feature the top brands available.  If you won’t dress your cuties in it, we won’t sell it!

Take the following steps to begin making money and clearing out clutter!

Step #1:

Select what type of consignor option fits your busy-mom lifestyle

A. “Consignor Tagging”

Gather and tag your clean and ironed clothes and gear, placing 65% profits in your pocket!  Romper Runway will receive 35% profit.

B. “50-50 VIP Tagging”
Gather your ironed and stain free clothes on a wire hanger.  We’ll price, tag, and sell your items, placing 50% of the profits in your purse!  Romper Runway will receive 50% profit.

C. “The Royal Treatment”
Gather your children’s clothes and let us do all the work!   We’ll hang, press, price, tag, and sell your items, placing 35% of the profits in your pocket!   Romper Runway will receive 65% profit.

Please note, a $10 consignor fee will be deducted from your final check.  An additional $10 pick up fee will be deducted if you choose to have us pick up your merchandise.

Step #2:

Register to become a consignor and you will receive a reply with your consignor number.

NOTE:  If you have chosen Option B or Option C noted above, you MUST REGISTER AND EMAIL us at with your Consignor Option (B or C).  If you do not let us know that you want the VIP tagging then we will assume you are Option A and will not need to contact us.

Step #3:

Review your clothes, toys and gear, including brands that Romper Runway sells here.

Step #4:

You are ready to tag, so review our tips and tricks on easy-breezy tagging! You are well on your way to earning cash in your pocket for your kids clothes, toys and gear!

Our most popular and fastest selling items are washed, stain free, ironed and hung exactly as Romper Runway’s instructions note. The more effort you place on tagging, the faster your items will sell.

Pay close attention to tagging instructions, if you wish for your items to go HALF PRICE ON SATURDAY and/or if you wish to DONATE your items to Romper Runway’s chosen charity: NEW FRIENDS NEW LIFE.

Step #5:

Drop off your tagged items at the church Wednesday night or Thursday before the sale (option A, B or C) OR drop off early for tagging prior to the sale (option B or C only).  If you live in our identified zipcodes within the 635 loop, we can also pick up your items for you for a $10 fee.

Consignor Checklist:

Wash and remove stains from your items.
Take the time to iron, so your items sell quickly.
Gather your supplies: wire hangers, safety pins, ziploc bags, & ribbon.
Register to consign to receive your consignor number.
Review Romper Runway’s tips and instructions on tagging & pricing.