Tagging & Pricing Instructions

Price and tag your items appropriately to get the most money in the bank for YOU!  Take a few moments to read through our guidelines and view pictures of the correct way to hang items.

Clothing must be clean and hung on wire hangers only!  Your local dry cleaners is usually more than willing to give you a handful.  The WIRE hanger should face the LEFT (like a question mark) with the tag pinned to the right side of the garment as you face it.  See pictures for specific details on hanging pants and two piece outfits.

Jeans hung correctly

Jeans hung incorrectly

Front 2piece hung correctly

Back 2piece hung correctly







Safety Pins:
Attach tag to clothing with a 1-inch safety pin. Please do not use straight pins! Use safety pins to hang bottoms at the top of the hanger, so they do not slide. Please don’t safety pin your tops onto the hanger, just hang them as you normally would.

You set the price on all items, so price to sell.  Use $1.00 increments (not .50 or .99).  A good rule of thumb is to consign your item at 30-50% of its original retail value. Please price with a $5.00 minimum.  Click here for a detailed pricing guide.

Pin the waist of the bottoms to the back of the shirt with pin going through the top of the hanger.

Must be in near REALLY GREAT CONDITION, like new. Tie tag to shoelaces with a ribbon or place in a ziploc bag.

Must be clean, have all the parts (including working batteries), and working. Place small parts in ziploc bag and attach tag with safety pin or ribbon. Use a wet wipe to clean away any dirt before tagging.

½ Price Sale:

When you are printing your tags, you will be asked if you want to go ½ price on your items. Items tend to sell well on half price day.  If you are planning on donating, it’s smart to go half off on Saturday!

Donate Unsold Items:
When you register your items to sell, you will be asked if you want to donate any unsold items.  If you have chosen not to donate your items, please pick up your unsold items on SATURDAY between 3 PM – 4 PM. We strongly encourage donating to a good cause!

CAUTION: ALL ITEMS LEFT AFTER 4 PM ON SATURDAY WILL BE DONATED immediately to New Friends New Life, a faith-based organization in Dallas-Fort Worth that enables women to leave the degradation of the sex industry and to build new lives for themselves and their children.

Consignor Checklist:

Wash and remove stains from your items.
Take the time to iron, so your items sell quickly.
Gather your supplies: wire hangers, safety pins, ziploc bags, ribbon and cardstock.
Register to consign to receive your cons. #.
Review RR’s tips and instructions on tagging, pricing